Greetings -

I'm a writer and a reader, an artist, a wife, and a mother and a grandmother, a volunteer, an ex-marketing manager, ex-teacher, and ex-realtor.


I'm passionate about literature, family bonds, social justice, Judaism, spirituality, and good food. I don't care about getting dressed up or about what the royals in the UK are doing.


I don't care much about television as I'm too busy reading. I don't finish books I am not enjoying. I don't do too well with schedules or rules. I still get excited about the mail every day. 


I live to rock the boat. I have ideas on top of ideas on top of more ideas. Now if only I could implement a few of them. I love life, and I try to live every day fully; if I was gone tomorrow, I would have no regrets.


I say, "Life is short; get in the game, take a risk, break the rules, and have fun!"



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